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Trattorias, Osterias and Ristoranti

According to WiseGeek, … Trattoria is an Italian term for a fairly casual, mid-priced restaurant. Less formal than a ristorante and more formal than an osteria, the trattoria is traditionally a family-run establishment that offers simple fare and a relaxed atmosphere. … Continue reading

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“Mangia Salvatore!!”

For some reason my dad always says “Mangia Salvatore!!” whenever he sits down to a huge Italian dinner. FHFB and I have been busy downsizing our ordering out at restaurants –  feeling less anxious if we don’t always order a primi and second – … Continue reading

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Living La Dolce Vita

Welcome to Frog Hollow Farm at Word Press.  For several years I had blogged as Frog Hollow Farm Girl through Blogger, but have decided to start anew at Word Press at the recommendations of a few friends and family.  I … Continue reading

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