Still at Word Press…but having fun with dishes

Yes, I am still working on my Word Press site…I went back to the original Frog Hollow Farm girl Blogger site and to tell you the truth wasn’t totally impressed….but I do still think that for me, Blogger is easier to use and that means it’s more fun to blog with.

Do you change your dishes from season to season???  I do, and I think that a lot of people do based on the number of blogs I have come across that display beautiful photos of seasonal tablescapes.  For many, the changes occur with the accessories incorporated around simple white dishes, which is probably the way to go….but I am in love with dishes, especially Italian and French pottery (mostly Italian).

Do I need to prove this to you?   We have an old house with an old basement that was remodeled into several office spaces for my husband when he began his business many years ago.   Now that he has moved his business out of our home, one part of this space has become the ‘Dish Room’.  This is where I store all of my seasonal dishes, plates, saucers, mugs, bowls, trays, platters and pitchers.  For the most part they are organized by season, darker browns, oranges, greens for the fall; bright reds and yellows for summer, blue, white and green for winter and lighter turquoise, lemon yellow and white for spring.  Our Christmas dishes include the old Spode Christmas Tree pattern, along with several antique sets of transferware dishes with red, green and cream coloring.  Here are some of the dish room shelves for you to see….

red pottery

red Polish pottery from a little shop in Red Bank, NJ

painted by Silvia and her father

Florentine pottery – includes a large round platter as well

crow mug from a weekend market in Florence this past summer

Below are a few photos of  my ‘spring dishes’ and ‘summer dishes’, purchased over the years from Silvia and Maurizio in Florence, Italy.


Florentine mix of pieces


plates from a set – used for appetizers or aperitivi mostly


my very first set of Italian pottery used during the summer here at Frog Hollow Farm


I am going to try an experiment and post this same content on Blogger to see which I prefer.

Ciao, bella! xxoo







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5 Responses to Still at Word Press…but having fun with dishes

  1. Donna says:

    Love that you have a dish room, and all the beautiful dishes. There is a wonderful feeling when you present food on beautiful plates 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Ann Marie, I share your love for dishes! I’ll be interested to see what you decide about WordPress vs Blogger. Some of my blogging friends swear by WordPress. I’ve always stuck with Blogger, mainly because I’m just so bad about trying new things on the computer. I do like the look of this blog. Heading over to your ‘old’ one to take a peek:)

  3. Donna, thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling on about dishes!

  4. Karen, I just tried working on my Blogger layout from my ipad, just for fun, but it looks awful now. The sizes of my sidebar items look like they are switched with the content of my post. I’m heading up to my laptop later to see what happened!

  5. mikyriccia says:

    So lovely!!!nice to think typical Tuscan dishes are in your home…

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