Ready for the “Blizzard”?

thumb_IMG_2120_1024Is this a little blurry?  I hope not – do you remember this verse from the poem called ‘The Garden Year’ by Sara Coleridge?  She wrote this in 1834 – another version of the poem has an adjective written before each month.  My brother and I used to try memorizing the entire poem and recite it (really probably shout) it to each other, catching each other when we missed a word or made some other silly mistake – kids…

We are getting ready for a possible blizzard over the weekend – blustery winds, drifting snow…ahh, my cup of tea.  We’re all ready here at Frog Hollow with some hearty soups and stick-to-your-ribs pasta dishes.  And of course, there is a cellar full of wine to help get us through.




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2 Responses to Ready for the “Blizzard”?

  1. karen58 says:

    Nice to see you back blogging, Ann Marie! I always enjoy seeing Frog Hollow Farm and your wonderful ideas. Stay warm!

  2. Thanks Karen, are you still blogging?

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