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So many museums…so little time! There are 72 museums worth visiting in Florence according to this website, and at this point FHFB and I have visited 27 of them, with one of the highlights being, can you believe it, the Ferragamo Museum??? The first … Continue reading

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Okay, the food…it’s just spectacular!

When we first decided to spend three months in Florence, one of the things we were most looking forward to was shopping in the local markets and cooking meals in the apartment.  There are two major local markets that are within … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Little Farm in Panicale, Umbria

Over this past weekend FHFB and I spent some time with his cousin Mario and his wife Pam at their little farm in Panicale, Umbria.  The trip is about a 90 minute train ride from the Santa Maria Novello train … Continue reading

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Trattorias, Osterias and Ristoranti

According to WiseGeek, … Trattoria is an Italian term for a fairly casual, mid-priced restaurant. Less formal than a ristorante and more formal than an osteria, the trattoria is traditionally a family-run establishment that offers simple fare and a relaxed atmosphere. … Continue reading

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A Train Trip to Lucca and Some Other Things

On Monday Frank and I took the train from the Santa Maria Novello train station and headed northwest to the medieval city of Lucca in Tuscany.  This beautiful little town is surrounded by it’s original city wall, which you can … Continue reading

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Walking, walking, walking….

Today is Saturday, and we have been in Florence for a little over a week.  Our goal is to walk at least 10,000 steps each day, and we gave ourselves a week to be tourists, making sure we saw all of the … Continue reading

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