Some Summer Garden Sharing

It’s been quite a while since I visited my blog – and I’m anxious to begin posting once again.  I usually write about projects that are happening around here, or recipes we’ve been making, entertaining that we are planning or gardening on the property.

This year I have a new little space created from the left side of our barn/garage – an adorable potting shed that holds all of my pots and tools needed for pruning, planting, you name it.  We created it using some old doors and windows that helped create the look I was hoping for.  I will have a picture of it for you to see on my  next post.  The space used to be open on one side, and held all sorts of gardening and outside tools.  I could never find anything I wanted.  The new space also provides a long table for potting, etc.  It’s a great spot – you’ll see it soon!

Since gardening is a few months off for us, I found some photos of our summer gardens to share.  I am really looking forward to the spring and summer, to see which plants come back and which didn’t make it through the winter.  So far the problem has been very warm temperatures here in the Mid-Atlantic – our pussy willows actually bloomed around Christmas and the garlic bulbs are up a foot already, despite being covered with 2 feet of straw!


Phlox in the wine garden – they reseed like crazy and just love this spot, partially shady with a north/eastern exposure – mostly various shades of pinks but some whites appear each summer.





Limelights below – so lovely and overwhelmingly abundant each year.  These plants face east and are just gorgeous  – they are actually dwarfing several large daisy plants between them. We’ll have to find those daisies a new home.

Catmint grows in the front, filling in the space and attracting hundreds of bees all day long


FHFB plants rows and rows of different sunflower varieties, along with zinnias of all heights and colors, in the field garden.  They are spectacular when grouped together in a simple mason jar.


Thanks for stopping by…

Frog Hollow Farm Girl

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