A Wonderful Little Farm in Panicale, Umbria

Over this past weekend FHFB and I spent some time with his cousin Mario and his wife Pam at their little farm in Panicale, Umbria.  The trip is about a 90 minute train ride from the Santa Maria Novello train station in Florence.


olive trees – beginning to flower

We visited a few years ago with our son Frank, but this time we were able to spend the night and wake up with the birds singing, sun shining and olive trees greeting us a savory ‘good morning’.  I think the best word for this place is ‘serene’ – it is quiet and so peaceful.



Mario and Pam keep this property looking incredible – between the rows of olive trees, plantings of various fruit trees, flowers and vegetables – everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes!


sloping field and gardens at Panicale


Plums, persimmons, quince, cherries, loquats, and peach trees stretch out over the gentle slope of the field, and the vegetable garden is brimming with peas, beans, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, onions and herbs – pots and pots of herbs and herb seedlings all over the place.




plums growing like clusters of grapes in Panicale



persimmons – just flowering and beginning to show their fruit – they will be ready to eat sometime in November-December











a really large rosemary bush growing on the hillside behind the farmhouse – Panicale


sitting and chatting, looking out over the gardens, with a bottle of homemade wine – does it get any better??


geraniums love the sun in the front of the farmhouse


more geraniums and herbs


looking out towards the persimmon tree


front steps to the top floor of the farm-house 

Shanti is the mascot of this little farm, keeping us laughing with her antics and keeping a sharp eye out for jack rabbits and wild boar!

































Ciao for now!  Leave a comment!  xxoo

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3 Responses to A Wonderful Little Farm in Panicale, Umbria

  1. Carol Kemp says:

    Lush life! A feast for the senses indeed. Happy your trip is marvelous!

  2. Pam says:

    I believe you forgot to mention the figs!!!! Loved your article. We love seeing you both.
    Spa day….

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