First of all I want to give a thank you shout-out to a friend and past co-worker Brenda.

Last week I saw Brenda at a conference, and she told me how much she missed reading my blog.  Her encouraging words got me back in the saddle so to say, after a horrendous, absolutely mean girl on-line experience with a former reader of my blog.  So, I’m back and feeling creative and ready to blog!

FHFB and I are invited to a costume party tomorrow night at Galloping Ghost Farm, a beautifully restored and renovated stone farmhouse not too far from where we live.  I am not a great lover of wearing costumes myself, but I do love to dress kids, cats and dogs in all sorts of costumes!

So, for this party,  I’m wearing a simple elegant Venetian mask  and helping out with the costume judging.  I’ve also decided to dress up a very large, very black soft boot that I’ve worn for the last 7 weeks due to a torn tendon.  Here goes, what do you think?

Doggie costume on the soft boot I have been wearing for last 7  weeks long with a piggy puppet stuck in the front.

This little cowboy outfit is really made for a small dog, but it fits right around my boot.  The little pig is an old puppet of my daughter’s and fits snugly right between my leg and the inside of the boot.  Can you see the black boot at the base?  The lasso and hat were included with the costume, and the pink arms match the piggy puppet!  How much more perfect could he be?  At least I’ll feel part of the costume thing, limited but fun.

We are bringing along two bottles of wine, one of our homemade Brunello and one from a winery we visited this summer while we were in Florence, Castello Monterinaldi.   We had the most elegant lunch inside the elegant villa.

with Katie, Chris and Frank

with Katie, Chris and Frank


These simple white bags from Michael’s were decorated with free downloads from Pinterest and other shiny bobbles.

For Gary and Joanne's Costume. Party on 10/31/2014

For Gary and Joanne’s Costume. Party on 10/31/2014

Happy Halloween!

Ciao Bella! xxoo

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5 Responses to Halloween

  1. donnaLee says:

    I for now am truly excited you are back to blogging. I loved and love reading about your travels and life on frog hollow farm. The boot costume is great and I bet it brings up many great conversations. Enjoy your party it sounds great I can’t wait to read about it. xxx DonnaLee

  2. donnaLee says:

    Now should be one….

  3. Carol Ann lombardo says:

    Glad to see you back. Don’t let one bad apple deter you n

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